Why I walked away…

It has been over two years since the last time I posted a blog (You can see my past posts here). After my last post in February 2015, life came at me quickly and a lot of changes happened. I stepped down from my position as youth leader due to my inconsistent work schedule, I was forced to resign from my position at the children’s home, I went to work at a juvenile detention center, I grew my photography business and started work at a drug and alcohol counseling center. These rapid changes in my life caused me to loose track of my blog and posting, but that’s not the only reason I walked away.

After everything that happened, I found myself doubting God. Not God’s goodness, but his plan for my life. I was called into youth ministry when I was 12. Stepping down from youth leader wasn’t the hardest part because I was going to work at the children’s home which was just another door in the youth ministry calling. The true confusion came when God called me to work at a drug and alcohol counseling center for adults. I had worked with kids for the previous 5 years, so why would God call me away from kids to work with adults. I had never worked with adults, especially drug addicts. It wasn’t the path that I would have chosen, but it’s where God wanted me and I’m glad He did. I have learned a new type of love from my job. I have learned why it’s important to see others through the eyes of Christ and how to open up my heart more to a lost and dying world. God is still teaching me each and every day. With all of that said… I’m back!

I’m going to give this blog thing another shot! But this time I’m not going to let feeling defeat or fear stop me. My hopes are that this blog will inspire and encourage others and that I will be able to get in contact with people that I wouldn’t normally be able to. This blog isn’t dedicated to one category or topic but rather a combination of them. On this site, you will see posts about Christian life, photography, and my daily life as well as vlogs of my adventures. I can’t wait to hear from all of you and get this ball rolling! Here’s to new beginnings (It’s funny because “new beginnings” was the title of my last blog I posted on my old site).

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