It’s Morphin’ Time!

I was able to take a trip down memory lane last weekend as me and my best friend, Logan went and watched the new Power Rangers movie. I loved Power Rangers as a kid! I can’t tell you how many times I would try to practice morphing in the mirror, hoping that one time I’d look up and see myself in my full armor. A couple years ago I ran into an old friend from elementary. We were reminiscing about our younger days and she started cracking up, telling me about a time that I painted myself blue in art class. I had no memory of doing this! She said that I painted my arms and face blue and told all the kids in my class that I was the blue ranger and they couldn’t tell anyone that it was a secret. I believed her because I always felt like it was fate that I would be the blue ranger because, in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, the blue ranger’s name was Billy. During recess, I would invite a few friends (the other Power Rangers I had chosen) to meet under the big slide and we would decide how we were going to save the world. We also practiced morphing… a lot.
I think I had always dreamed of being a Power Ranger because I just wanted to be good and do something good. The cool looking suits were just a plus! But as I got older, I learned that I didn’t have to be able to morph and fight people to be and do good. We are presented with opportunities every single day where we can help others and be a light for God. No, I don’t get the cool blue suit or the Zord but I get to help people every day that I wake up. I walk into work and get to be a witness to 8 guys that are searching for the truth. I still have my youth group teens messaging me when they need counsel or advice. I get to do good for God, and that’s the greatest thing.
There have been times over the span of my life that people have made the comment to me “You don’t understand. You’re perfect.” I’m not perfect, we all know that. That’s one aspect of the new PR movie that I liked. Before you ever see the rangers in their armor, you get to learn their past. You see that they all came from rough lives that were far from perfect but they were able to put that aside and do good in the world. Their pasts didn’t matter.
As I was sitting in the theater watching a Power Ranger movie, God spoke to me and reminded me that’s what he does with us. God takes us as sinners; dirty, unworthy, and worn and He cleans us up. He gives us purpose and meaning and he separates us from our sin. Our past isn’t important. Just like the Power Rangers, no one cared about their past when they were saving their town from death. If we focus on doing good for God, our pasts can’t hold us back. Break free from your past.

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