5 Things I Love About My Church

I wanted to take the time to sit down and make a list of 5 things I love about my church. I have attended Peebles Church of Christ in Christian Union since I was 2 years old. My church is like a second home to me. But I, like many others, have experienced times of “church hurt.” You know what I’m talking about right? Someone says something or does something that feels like a personal attack to us. It’s easy for us to sometimes take our eyes off of God and his mission for us and place them on the people around us. But when it’s the people in our church that hurts us, the hurt feels so much deeper.

I have spent a lot of time in prayer with God regarding the incidents that hurt me in my church. I have learned to forgive and let go of those things, but even though these things do not continue to hurt me today, they still come to mind from time to time. So I wanted to do something about that. I took the time to sit down and list 5 things I love about my church. These five things are in no specific order and do not cover everything I love about Peebles CCCU, but these are the first 5 that came to my mind.

1. The community of the church family.

I have seen it time and time again. When someone in the church is going through a difficult time in life, the whole church will rally behind them. They are lifted in prayers and encouragement.

2. The newcomer feels welcomed and accepted.

It doesn’t matter who walks through our church doors, they are welcomed and showed Christ’s love. This has been made even more true with the start of our GROW Ministry. It’s important that the newcomer feels accepted and a sense of belonging and Peebles CCCU does a good job at that.

3. The altar is always open.

I have been to several churches that don’t give an altar call in their service. The mission of the church is to see souls saved, but how are we going to see that accomplished if we don’t give people the opportunity to make their way to an altar of prayer. At our church, it is announced almost every service that the altar is always open, meaning that at any moment in the service, you can make your way to the altar for prayer. Another thing that I love is that when someone goes to the altar, they are never there alone. The church surrounds them and lifts them up in prayer.

4. The youth is loved and supported by the church.

We often hear the phrase, “The youth is the church of tomorrow.” No. The youth is the church of now. If we don’t support our youth and show them the love and support that they need, there will not be a future church. At Peebles CCCU, the youth is loved deeply by the church. I was blessed to see it when I was youth director and I still see it today. We have to invest in their lives. Do you have youth in your church? Get to know them! Sit down and talk with them. What are their plans in life? What’s their favorite animal? Favorite sport? Give them the time they deserve.

5. If I have a worry or care, I know there are several people in the church I could call and they would drop everything to help me.

My church loves me. I have seen it proven true. When I had seizures in high school, they sent flowers, cards, candy, etc. When I’ve been going through a hard time, I’ve gotten texts and calls from people just letting me know that they were praying for me and fighting for me. I’ve received the greatest support from my church.

What are some things you love about your church? Comment below and let me know!

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