When Life Throws a Curveball

Curveballs are all about deception. Ideally, a pitcher would like to throw the pitch with the same arm speed at the same release point only to have the bottom drop out at the last instant leaving the batter wondering what happened. When the pitch loses its deception it can be hit a long way as Nuke found out. While I doubt many catchers in the majors are letting batters know that a curveball is coming, there still are plenty of ways for the batter to sniff out the pitch.” (http://www.hardballtimes.com/anatomy-of-a-pitch-curveball/)

Has life ever thrown you a curveball? You thought things were going fine and then before you know it, the bottom drops out? Life’s curveballs can leave you feeling confused and wondering what to do next. They may leave you with heartache and pain. What can we do in these times?

Life has thrown me my fair share of curveballs in my 24 years of living, but I can admit that I haven’t always handled them the way I should’ve. In the past, something would go wrong in my life and I would let it affect me for weeks, months or even a year at a time. I would begin to question God and His plan. My heart was breaking and I wondered where Jesus was, but what I failed to realize was that he was right by my side going through the pain with me.

Life threw me a curveball a couple of weeks ago. I will spare you all the details, but many of the same feelings came up. Confusion. Hurt. Anger. Loneliness. The devil quickly jumped on my back and into my thoughts, putting worst case scenarios in my mind. I allowed myself to entertain these thoughts only for a moment, and then God reminded me who was on the throne.

I was determined that I wouldn’t let this curveball knock me down like others had. If I truly believe what my Bible says, then I have to believe that God has a plan and a purpose even when I can’t see it. This doesn’t mean that the devil was going to let me off the hook. He has still taken every opportunity to remind me of my situation, but when he does, I remind him of what God’s word says.

You may be wondering what I did differently this time, so I’ll tell you. I stopped playing the game of “what if.” What if I hadn’t done that, or had done this, or didn’t say that… you get the point. I made time for earnest prayer and time with God (something I should have done all along). I’ve been looking through the Bible at God’s promises and applying them into my prayer life… after all, the Word is our sword against the attacks of the devil. When you have scripture to back up your prayers and your life, the devil can’t stand. And lastly, when I feel the devil attacking me, I remind him that Jesus, the one who has already defeated him lives within me. The same power that rose Jesus from the grave lives within me.

The devil fights you because he’s scared. He’s scared of what you might accomplish through Christ. So when the devil is fighting you, stand up to him with the Word of God. Put on the FULL armor of God (not just a couple pieces) and be ready for the battle. You can overcome anything life or the devil throws at you because Jesus has already overcome this world. Stand on those promises. Don’t give up. Trust in Him.

Has life thrown you a curveball? Are you going to let the bottom fall out or are you going to prepare and hit a home run? Life isn’t easy; I’m sure you know that by now. Take time to pray to our Father and take the time to be silent and listen for an answer. Make a list of Bible verses that encourage you. Find out God’s promises and use them as your fighting power. The devil only fights when he’s scared.

When the pitch loses its deception it can be hit a long way…”

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