When God Says No

How many prayers that you have prayed have been answered? Have you ever sat down and tried to think of all of your answered prayers? There have been many prayers that I felt God didn’t hear or didn’t answer, but when I could look back on it, the answer was “no” and I couldn’t be happier.

How many times have we had an earnest request that we have brought before God? Long nights of pleading. Crying. Trying to find a solution. What if all God was looking for was our complete surrender?

There has been a situation that I’ve been dealing with since last year that I have been in constant prayer about. I spent hours pleading and begging with God for him to answer it the way that I wanted. I couldn’t understand why God wasn’t working. After all, I was praying for good, Godly things. I don’t remember a time in my life when I had prayed as earnestly as I had for this certain situation. I was driving to my prayer place. I was crying out to God. I had the faith that God could answer. I had faith that he would, eventually. I was at my prayer place on a Sunday after morning service. I found myself saying the same words that I had said time again and again. That’s when God spoke.

        “What if I say no?”

I heard that question so prominently in my heart. I was so set on God answering this specific request that I had hung my entire relationship with Him on the answer. I just knew that God would fix it, I would be relieved, and my faith would be greatly increased and life would be great again. I never stopped to ask God what he wanted to come of the situation. I knew which answer I wanted that would make me feel better, but what if it wasn’t what was best? God’s questions continued.

        “If I say ‘no’ will you still serve me??

I had hung my faith, my trust and my relationship with God on this one request. I was waiting for the day that he would say yes. I had pictured it in my mind time and again. God would respond with a yes, I would praise him to everyone I knew for the answer and I would walk away with a great testimony. I had never even thought of God saying no. I had to truly search my heart. God had silenced my prayers with two questions.

To some reading this, you may be thinking “Why would God say no? I thought God was a good God?” He is. He is so good, in fact, that no matter how hard he was working in that present situation, he wasn’t going to overstep anyone’s free will. You see, God could’ve said yes to me, but it would mean making the decisions for the person I was praying for. After God asked me those questions, I had to ask myself the same ones. What if God’s answer is no? Will I still serve him? Will I still have faith and trust in him? The answers didn’t come easy. The answers took a lot of reflection. But my answer was this.

“God, you know that my heart is burdened by my present circumstances. You know what it is that I would like to see come from this. These months have been hard and trying but I have felt your presence near to me, even in my darkest places. Lord, I ask now that you would have Your will with this situation. Work in ways that only You can. Lift me up close to You that I may walk where you would have me to walk.  Lord, even if Your answer is ‘no,’ I’m still going to serve you. I will continue to trust you. I place this situation in your hands and give you control over it. I cannot do anything with it. Jesus, I trust You. Thank you for speaking to me.”

Sometimes, we are not allowing God to work because we are still grasping onto the steering wheel. We have to trust that God is working and will have His will. After all, His will is better than anything we could ever dream. We serve a mighty big God. Trust Him today. Let Him have control. If you need to, pray the prayer that I had to pray. It’s hard to let go of situations that are heavy on our hearts, but when we let go, we are placing that care in the One who took on all of the burdens of the world as He hung on the cross. I’m not going to tell you it’s easy, but I can assure you that God can grant you peace over your current battles. Put it in His hands. He knows what he is doing.

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2 thoughts on “When God Says No

  1. This is beautiful.

    I see more and more why giving testimony is so important. It lets others know that they are not alone in certain feelings/situations.

    His ways are not ours…. I can’t wait to get there and see exactly what that means!

    I have found that in a few situations I have prayed fervently for, the answer seems to be “no” but then when I fell on my knees completely stripped of self…. it turned to a “Yes”. Just had to get myself out of the way.

    Thank you again Billy Joe for posting this insightful piece. Xx


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