The Meaning Behind the Title “Life Unmapped”

Have you ever had a plan for your life that didn't quite go as planned?

When I was a kid I wanted to be a cop, a professional singer, or professional actor. Am I any of these now? No. Is it because I couldn't do these things? Not necessarily. I could have gone to school to become a cop. I could have practiced singing more, taken lessons, put myself out there and probably gotten somewhere. I could've paid thousands of dollars to go to an acting school and possibly be an actor somewhere. So why did I not do any of these things? God.

I'm 24. I like to think that I have a map drawn out in my head for the path that I want my life to go. I have dreams and aspirations, but the reality of it all is when I decided to give my will and my life over to God... He took the steering wheel. Some of you might be thinking "That sounds awful... to never be able to plan anything!" But you'd be wrong. It's the best thing ever!

I'm not saying that living for God is easy or that I don't find myself questioning His plan, but when you know you're in the center of His will there is no better feeling. It's so awesome when you can look back over your life at what you thought was nothing but a wreck, and see the masterpiece that God created.

I may have an idea in my head of how I'd like my life to go, but the reality of it is... my life is unmapped. It's territory that is yet unknown, but the journey is beautiful.